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Define Yourself

The best things in life are free

At least when it comes to things like Ted Demopoulos’ eBook Ted Demopoulos’ effective internet presence. Ted is a National Information Security expert and author of several books on blogging and personal branding. His latest book walks you through transitioning from online obscurity to a well-defined internet presence. While limiting the impact of online defamation may not yet appear on your radar, by the time it does, it may be too late.

Getting people to see your radical transparency

Earlier this month I wrote about the importance of becoming radically transparent. By being proactive, you, and not your competition or a single vociferous customer will define your online reputation. While having a well-defined online reputation is great, it is of little value relegated to obscurity. The key is to fill the first several pages of a Google search with the radical transparency you define.

Lots of free tools vs. One expensive tool

Paying a professional to increase your Google ranking overnight may seem like a simple solution. However, once you stop paying the professional, you run the risk of having your reputation free-fall back into search engine obscurity, leaving you again vulnerable to those who just might not define your reputation so eloquently. A much better solution, and a cheaper one as well, is to utilize an arsenal of free online resources to organically grow your online exposure.

The Right Tools

The internet is full of tools to increase your exposure. But which are the easiest, cheapest and most effective? Ted Demopoulos’ effective internet presence explains how to leverage social networks, blog comments, lenses and even book reviews to expand your reach. In addition to getting you seen by search engines, these tools also allow you to see what others are saying about you. Identifying and addressing potential reputational issues early is the key to keeping them from spinning out of control.

It is going to get worse before it gets better

Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Dawn Wells are critically aware of how much more quickly attacks on reputation spread when compared to accolades. Now average Joes and Josephines are experiencing the international phenomenon as it spreads down the long tail of internet. Metablogs like Digg, Reddit and Fark are seeing an increase in both the quantity and quality of Schadenfreude hitting everyday people and businesses.

Before it is too late

Unfortunately, by the time you realize someone has commandeered your online reputation, it is often too late to start your building your online reputation. A solid, organic online reputation takes months or years to develop. The more time you take developing your presence, the better that presence will serve you in identifying and curtailing the impact of online defamation and critical news.

Even if a salacious story takes over the search engine for a while, a well-rooted online presence will weather the storm as the reputational attacks eventually slip down the search engine rankings. Just a little time spent each month implementing even a few of the tools Ted recommends in his free eBook will serve you better than a Hollywood publicist when you or your company is finally blind-sided by an online attack.

Brett Trout

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