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Santa is a Geek too

CyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal For Online Business With Hanukkah here, and Christmas on the way, now is the time to grab a copy of the book Cyber Law for that special someone in your life. Nothing says “Santa loves you – even if you are a geek” like a copy of Cyber Law. And even if you are not a geek, but are willing to learn, Cyber Law answers legal questions about email, online auctions, spam, privacy, defamation, social networking, blogging and lots more. Here are what the experts are saying about Cyber Law:

“Trout successfully places complex legal issues into digital perspective”
Chris PirilloLockergnome

“Your choices are easy, read CyberLaw or suffer the consequences”
Dave TaylorAsk Dave Taylor

“If you’re opening a business online, have a business online or want to get online, this is a must read”
Matthew Krigbaum, attorney with Moyer and Bergman

“a great new book detailing some of the hottest legal topics surrounding businesses entering the online environment”

Michael Goldstein, attorney with Goldstein and Clegg

“offers tips on avoiding the pitfalls associated with blogging, online commerce, social networking and other Internet issues”
Lynn Hicks – Des Moines Register 10/2/2007

You can read more reviews on Amazon.

And if that still is not enough, tune in to 98.3 WoW FM tonight at 7pm for more in depth coverage of the book on Jim Goodman’s Iowa Business Hour.

Go ahead. Replace Santa’s lump of coal with a copy of Cyber Law – I promise not to tell.

Brett Trout

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