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The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Online Networking

The Good
Law Firm blog guru Kevin O’Keefe has many examples of how online networking activities, like blogging, have landed lucrative jobs and driven in clients by the hoards.

The Bad
Adam Steen, a true networker’s networker, however, warns of the dangers of viewing companies as “competitors” rather than potential networking “collaborators. “ According to Adam, “businesses that stand alone and are unwilling to collaborate with ‘competitors’ may miss an opportunity to grow strategically and/or financially.”

The Ugly
Since no one volunteered to be ugly, “Cyberslamming” is all by itself. Cyberslamming is when people on social networks and message boards post (here is the intellectual property tie-in . . . wait for it . . .) defamatory comments about you.

If your network does not extend onto the web, you are calling iPhones with a tin can and a string. Your business has to become part of the conversation to survive. But tread lightly. As noted above, you never know when a misstep might cause you endless amounts of online trouble.

Brett Trout

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