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Des Moines Iowa a technology paradise

Fast Company has just released its lists of cities dubbed High Tech Hot Spots. Selection is based upon technology, talent and tolerance. Des Moines just missed being named a “Fast City,” but did qualify as one of two “Cities on the Verge”. Des Moines just missed being named one of the top three High Tech Hot Spots due to its lack of diversity.

Personally, I do not know what they are talking about. We have both types of people here in Des Moines: Country and Western. (Thank you, thank you. Remember to tip your wait staff before you leave). Actually, that one was just for Cowboy Steen. According to the Des Moines Register, the news comes at the perfect time, getting techies to notice Des Moines right as tech jobs in the city are expanding at an exponential rate.

Another interesting Des Moines related technology story showed up on eBay. Upset that his iPhone is merely a shiny fragile paperweight until AT&T gets its poo together, a West Des Moines non-working iPhone owner (I wonder if he was standing in line with me) has set up an iPhone eBay auction for this functional equivalent. Those wacky West Des Moinians. I wonder if he has a patent on that?

Thanks to Martha for the lead.

Brett Trout

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