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My iPhone

Trying to be sly, I figured I would pick up my iPhone at the out of the way AT&T store in the strip mall, as opposed to the Apple store in the posh mall. Well, it would have been a great plan, except for the fact that Apple only gave the AT&T store a tiny fraction of the iPhones they gave the Apple store.

Instead of acknowledging to me that they could count (understandably, they would have had to count both the number of phones available AND the number of people in line and subtract) and telling the fifty-first person in line and every one behind him not to waste their evening, they thought it would be amusing to make their loyal of fans wait. I see how poking hoi poloi in their collective doe-eyes would be more than mildly amusing, but only when I am the poker. Much, much less amusing, however, when I am the gullible rube with the finger in his eye.

I know you are saying “Why did you wait until 5:55 to start waiting in line?” but I had asked the AT&T employees multiple times over the last six months how many phones there would be in town (remember, this is Des Moines, Iowa) and they continually reassured me there would be plenty. That is up until 6:55 when they told me they were out.

Luckily, I still had time to run over to the Apple store and pick one up. The bottom line is that I got the phone, but I am a little bitter that had they provided me with the information they had in hand, I would have not wasted my Friday night and I would have gotten to see world famous Adam Steen’s first bullride in Webster City. Instead, I stayed in town and watched the Joffrey Ballet perform.

Yesterday, Adam Steen took me fishing for winning his blog contest. We went with Nate and Matt Owen of U.S. Rodeo Supply. The fish were biting, the beer was cold and the weather was perfect. Even this city boy caught a heap o’fish, which I fear may be fouling the back of Adam’s truck as I write. Last night we went to the MMA fight at Well Fargo Arena and watched Chuck “The Reverend” Grigsby and Team Revolution dominate. Congrats Chuck and thanks Adam.

Anyway after a day to play with my iPhone (I never even had an iPod before this), I love it. I can watch YouTube, flick through my album flow and surf the web with unbelievable ease. I am learning more about it every minute. And the more I learn, the more I like. It syncs effortlessly with my Outlook and displays videos crisply. The keyboard is a little difficult to use accurately, but the more I use it, the better I get. Overall, the iPhone is better than I had imagined. Almost makes me forget that AT&T coverage is so horrible. Oh well, at least I will have something to do while I wait to get back into an AT&T coverage area.

Brett Trout

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