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Iowa’s A-List Bloggers Unite

Yesterday heralded the launch of, a daily blog written by the best bloggers in the state. Here they are:

* Adam Steen – Networking
* Brett Trout – Internet Law
* Drew McLellan – Marketing
* Joe Kristan – Finance
* Mitch Matthews – Life/Work Balance
* Shirley Poertner – Leadership
* Timothy Johnson – Project Management
* Tom Vander Well – Customer Service
* Victor Aspengren – Corporate Culture

If you think any of these topics do not apply to your business, then you REALLY need to read IowaBiz. IowaBiz will show you how your business is not about numbers, it is about community, about sharing, about starting the conversation with your customer. Build a better business and the customers, as well as the numbers, will come.

Tune in, read up and respond to the posts. Become part of the conversation. I look forward to meeting you there!

Brett Trout

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