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BlawgIT Named One of the Top 50 Patent Blogs

Gene Quinn of IPWatchDog has researched and ranked the Top 50 Patent Blogs. Quinn’s rankings are based on two phases of rankings. First Quinn used Technorati and Alexa to determine links and website traffic for each blog. Second, he calculated voters’ responses to two questions: (1) Which is your favorite patent blog? and (2) Which patent blogs do you read regularly, weighting the responses to the first question twice as heavily as responses to the second question. The calculations resulted in the following ranking of the Top 50 Best Patent Blogs:

  • Patently-O
  • IP Kat
  • Spicy IP
  • Patent Baristas
  • Intellectual Property Watch
  • Patent Docs
  • 271 Patent Blog
  • BlawgIT
  • Patent Prospector
  • The Invent Blog
  • IP Think Tank and The Prior Art

  • Orange Book Blog
  • IPJUR and European Patent Caselaw

  • Promote the Progress
  • IP NewsFlash
  • Anticipate This!
  • Patentably Defined
  • India Patent
  • Intellectual Asset Management
  • Against Monopoly
  • Patent Circle
  • I/P Updates
  • IP Spotlight
  • Chicago IP Litigation
  • The IP Factor
  • Patent Arcade and File Wrapper

  • Securing Innovation
  • Patents 101 and IP Estonia

  • PatLit
  • Just An Examiner
  • The Business of Patents
  • Patentability
  • Inventive Step
  • Holman’s Biotech IP
  • Washington State Patent Law
  • California Biotech Law
  • Patent Infringement Updates and Patent Assassins

  • Russian Patents
  • Georgia Patent Law
  • Patentnapsis
  • Honoring the Inventor
  • OC Patent Lawyer
  • Nanomedicine & IP
  • Thanks to Gene Quinn for all of the painstaking research in putting this list together!

    (Editor’s Note – The original version of this blog post was inadvertently deleted. The forgoing contains content from the original post)

    Brett Trout

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