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Pirillo and Trout to Swap Lives for a Year

Taking a cue from Australian shop assistant Ian Usher, who put his life up for sale on eBay, world-renowned Internet guru Chris Pirillo, and Clive-renowned patent attorney Brett Trout have agreed to swap lives for a year beginning April 15, 2008. When asked why, Pirillo commented “I am really looking forward to that playboy lifestyle of a Midwestern patent attorney you are always hearing so much about.” For Trout, the move will mean quite a change. “I took two computer classes at DMACC in anticipation of the change, I guess I am as ready as I will ever be.”

The move will mean quite a change for their families as well. Said Trout’s fiancée, “Finally, a man who knows how to IRC a lady.” Latthana “Ponzi” Pirillo was somewhat less enthusiastic. “But look on the bright side, there does not seem to be any area where Brett does not show an unlimited potential for improvement.” Brett’s kids also see the upside of the move. “Now we will get all the best video games before they hit the stores.” When asked whether they will miss their father, they children noted “Well, he will still be our dad in Second Life.”

For more, check out this clip of Chris Pirillo taking his newfound family out for a drive.

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