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You like me, you really like me

Check out the new sidebar bling. Weblog Awards, the world’s largest blog competition has nominated Blawg IT as one of the top ten finalists for 2006 Best Law Blog. Voting begins today. You can vote once a day, every day, per computer, for the ten day voting period.

As much as I would like to take full credit for what Blawg IT has become, I have many people to thank. My significant other has helped me considerably, but her job as a double “O” agent for MI5 prevents me from divulging any information about her (perhaps I have said too much already). I would also like to thank my readership; thank you for providing me such fantastic support and feedback over the years. It has been a wonderful conversation.

The competition should be fierce; check out the finalists:

Blawg IT (Your humble patent lawyer discussing intellectual property issues)
How Appealing (Appellate litigation)
Becker-Posner (Noble laureate Gary Becker and Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner)
Balkinization (Constitutional and civil liberty issues)
Concurring Opinions (Law professors opine on various legal issues)
Consumer Law & Policy Blog (More than a dozen experts discuss consumer law issues)
The Grotian Moment: Saddam Hussein Trial Blog (Experts discuss legal issues surrounding Saddam’s trial)
IMPACT (Information technology and IT blog)
The Volokh Conspiracy (Law professors discussing legal issues from libertarian and conservative perspectives)
JURIST – Paper Chase (Legal news and real-time legal research service)

If you get a chance, please swing by Weblog Awards and cast a vote for Blawg IT.

Brett Trout

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