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Pwnage as game developer attempts Jedi mind trick

Attorney Eric Menhart, the guy who tried to register the trademark CyberLaw, does not appear to the only trademark altruist out there. According to, Finnish game developer Futuremark Oy is attempting to register the trademark pwnage.

To be fair, they are only trying to monopolize the trademark as used in association with:

Computer game software for communication devices; computer game software and computer game programs enabling users to play games with mobile phones and personal digital assistants; computer software and programs enabling users to communication devices to simultaneously access databases and global computer networks; software enabling transfer of data between mobile communication apparatus; computer game software; computer game programs; computer game discs; interactive multimedia computer game program; downloadable ring tones, graphics and music via global computer network and wireless devices; cases for mobile phones; computer application software for mobile phones; multimedia software recorded on CD-ROM featuring fictional characters and computer games; pre-recorded DVD’s, video tapes, laser discs featuring movies about fictional characters, and pre-recorded compact discs featuring music; motion picture films on fictional characters

Entertainment services, namely, providing online computer games provided via network between communications networks and computers; providing on-line computer games; providing on-line games; providing temporary non-downloadable use of interactive games and video games from databases on web sites, a global computer information network, and from mobile and cellular phones and personal digital assistants

and, don’t forget, Computer software development

Jukka Mäkinen, executive producer at Futurmark assured everyone however, that Futurmark’s intention in filing for the monopoly was not to “charge money or stop people from using the expression.” Futurmark merely wants to stop some other company, which may not be nearly as altruistic and kind as Futurmark, from registering the trademark and stopping Futurmark from using the word. Futurmark also stated they will “charge anyone that seeks to make money from the word.” [insert whiplash inflicting head swivel here]

Somehow I picture this guy wearing a dusty robe in a landspeeder waving his hand slowly while saying “These are not the droids you are looking.” At least then he would get some points for panache. As it stands, he merely gets points for chutzpah, and still only manages silver. Maybe by Beijing he will be ready to challenge Mr. Menhart for the gold.

Brett Trout

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