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Yankee Fan Gang Fashion

Feenin’ about increasing your chances of getting shanked at the next Yankee/Red Sox game without having to rely on just your personality and getting your crunk on? Grab one of new NY gangsta hats from New Era. Choose from a Bloods, Crips or Latin Kings motif*. Heck, why not collect them all. Just be sure not to wear them all at the same time, as the surgeon general has determined this may drastically increases your chances of lead poisoning. Yes folks, this is the first MLB officially licensed product the mere wearing of which runs the same risk of mortality as returning sunglasses to OJ’s ex.

No trademark infringement here, these are, or were, officially licensed products. That is until MLB received a Cat 5 storm of protest. Now, according to Silvia Alvarez, the league’s director of multicultural and charitable communications, MLB is trying to get the hats off store shelves. Multicultural equanimity aside, this incident threatens to further tarnish the already beleaguered trademarks of the MLB. Between steroids and off-field antics, pro-gang hats could not have come at a worst time for a sport trying to entice kids back to the ballpark.

*If you want to represent with a NY hat, you better do it soon. And, oh yeah, just remember to pack the gat, or you might not be back.

Brett Trout

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