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Join Des Moines Blogga Nostra Tomorrow Morning

It’s Free and its Fun, and it is all about blogging in Des Moines. Every first Friday of the month, Central Iowa’s elite bloggers meet at 8am at Panera Bakery located at 6740 University Ave in West Des Moines.

* Brett Trout (Intellectual Property)
* Sandy Renshaw (Blog Design/Build)
* Drew McLellan (Marketing)
* Tom Vander Well(Customer Service)
* Adam Steen (Networking Guru)
* Grant Griffiths (Divorce Law)
* Art Dinkin (Financial Advice)
* Andy Brudtkuhl (Web Design)
* Matt Owen (Cowboy Blogger)
* Joe Kristan (Tax)
* Mitch Matthews(Personal Development)
* Tim Johnson (Project Management)
* Mark True and Cory Garrison (Stories)
* Sherry Borzo (Small Business)
* Claire Celsi (Demo Diva)
* Michael Libbie (Advertising)
* Zane Safrit (Small Business Futurist)
* Brett Rogers (Strategy)
* Mike Wagner (Branding)
* Hannah Steen (Women Owned Businesses)

If you would like more information on the monthly event, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, just show up. Non-bloggers interested in the blogging phenomenon are strongly urged to attend. Plus, if you show up tomorrow, you can get the first world-wide sneak peak at the cover of my new book. I promise you, it is like no other law book cover you have ever seen! Hope to see you there.

Edited 1/15/2018 to remove broken/outdated links

Brett Trout

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