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Iowa Blogga Nostra

I had great meeting with the Des Moines Family of the Iowa Blogga Nostra today at Panera in West Des Moines. The Des Moines “Family” includes:

* Brett Trout (Intellectual Property)
* Sandy Renshaw (Blog Design/Build)
* Drew McLellan (Marketing)
* Andy Brudtkuhl (Web Design)
* Mike Wagner (Branding)
* Tim Johnson (Project Management)
* Mark True and Cory Garrison (Stories)
* Sherry Borzo (Small Business)
* Tom Vander Well (Customer Service)
* Michael Libbie (Advertising)
* Mitch Matthews (Personal Development)
* Brett Rogers (Strategy)
* The Steens (Venture Capital)
* Matt Owen (Cowboy Blogger)

Whether you are a blogger, blog reader or just have an interest in meeting some great minds (and me) in the Des Moines area, be sure to check back here a few days prior to each meeting for updated time and place information.

Brett Trout

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