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Blogga Nostra

I thought it time to update the Blogga Nostra roster:

* Brett Trout (Intellectual Property)
* Sandy Renshaw (Blog Design/Build)
* Drew McLellan (Marketing)
* Tom Vander Well (Customer Service)
* Adam Steen (Networking Guru)
* Grant Griffiths (Divorce Law)
* Art Dinkin (Financial Advice)
* Andy Brudtkuhl (Web Design)
* Matt Owen (Cowboy Blogger)
* Joe Kristan (Tax)
* Mitch Matthews (Personal Development)
* Tim Johnson (Project Management)
* Mark True and Cory Garrison (Stories)
* Sherry Borzo (Small Business)
* Claire Celsi (Demo Diva)
* Michael Libbie (Advertising)
* Zane Safrit(Small Business Futurist)
* Brett Rogers (Strategy)
* Mike Wagner (Branding)
* Hannah Steen (Women Owned Businesses)

If I left you out, I promise it was not intentional. Don’t be shy. Just let me know your affiliation with the Blogga Nostra and send me a link to your blog and I will be sure to add you to the list.

Edited 1/15/2018 to remove broken/outdated links

Brett Trout

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