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Invention Promotion Companies – Anatomy of a Scam

Stephen Nipper’s Invent Blog has a cautionary tale of a patent attorney reprimanded by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for assisting an invention promotion company in duping over 1,000 unsuspecting inventors:

“The background of this case reads like a novel but represents the true story of hopes dashed, fees wasted, and dreams lost by hundreds of individual inventors caught up in the world of self-interested promoters who promise the world and deliver very little.”

I have written about Invention Promotion Scams in the past and am constantly amazed and saddened every time I hear about more inventors thinking they can save a few dollars with these companies. As with anything, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Making money with your invention involves hard work and a lot of luck. If anyone tells you differently, you might want to find yourself a patent attorney you can trust.

Brett Trout

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