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Best Lawyer in the World

Iowa native Chris Pirillo, guru of all that is tech, recently blogged on “How do you find a Good Lawyer?” In addition to citing my Best Patent Lawyer in the World post, Chris quoted Myles Alderman:

The yellow pages are NOT a good way to find a lawyer. [] When hiring attorneys that we do not have prior experience with, I prefer to see evidence of solid respect by the lawyers who know that person. One widely recognized peer review rating system is the one provided at Generally, we will not recommend lawyers who do not hold at least a BV rating. But remember, the best lawyer in the world may not be right for you, if either he/she can’t give you the time you need or if there is a “disconnect.” Interview the lawyer, ask questions and feel free to not hire a lawyer if it doesn’t feel right.

A comment to Chris’ post notes:

If by 2009, the lawyer you are considering to hire does not have an interactive website with a blog, I would urge you to keep searching cuz they’re out there. Webtwo0 (and the people in it) are really transforming the legal arena in so many ways. The lawyers who carry on as if nothing has changed and continue to ignore this shift in the way people (and companies) purchase their legal needs are the the same lawyers who are losing cases. The world’s best lawyers are way ahead of this curve.

What is your attorney’s Martindale rating? Does your attorney have a blog? If your attorney is not keeping abreast of how the Internet is changing the legal industry, how well can he or she be monitoring how the Internet is changing your industry?

Brett Trout

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