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Take Your Patents to Iowa!

Illinois legislators are considering throwing the state’s gun manufacturers out on their respective ears. You can read the proposed bill here. The bill plays on the fear many people have of what they do not understand. The media fosters this fear by portraying the “evil looking” semi-automatic weapons Illinois seeks to ban as machine guns. You have not been able to buy a machine gun since the National Firearms Act of 1934 and even the NRA agrees that the general public should not be able to buy machine guns at their neighborhood gun store.

For more information on the difference between what you might think is an assault weapon and what the proposed ban actually covers, check out this YouTube video. Some of the affected Illinois manufacturers and cities include:

Les Baer Custom, Hillsdale
Armalite, Geneseo
D.S. Arms, Barrington
Rock River Arms, Colona
Springfield Armory, Geneseo
Lewis Machine and Tool, Milan

These are not Saturday Night Special manufacturers, these are high end manufacturers of guns very rarely associated with any crime. More importantly, these are strong businesses, offering great jobs with great pay and producing a mountain of intellectual property, including both patents and trademarks. The fact that these companies operate in a state that punishes good corporate citizenship should be enough to convince them to relocate to a state (like Iowa – just as an example) that appreciates their contribution to the community and the state.

Officials in the very gun manufacturer friendly community of Centerville, Iowa should jump on board and make a play for one of these great companies. Other great Iowa communities like Davenport already see the incredible opportunity Illinois has placed in their laps, and are not wasting any time taking advantage of this potential windfall on behalf of their constituencies.

Brett Trout

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