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Falling in Love with Your Lawyer

What can you say about a five-year old company that died? That it was honest and worked hard? That it never fell in love with a good lawyer?

Finding a lawyer to love may be intimidating, but someday you are going to have to come up with the courage to admit you care.

Don’t fall in love with the first Lothario who tells you have nice assets. You don’t need to hold out for the best lawyer in the world. Hold out for a lawyer who loves your company as much as you do.

Falling in love is a scary prospect. Will my lawyer like me? Will I bare my heart and soul, only to have it end in tears? And what if I get sued?

Love is a partnership. Sure, it is scary, but the benefits are immense. Your new love can handle contracts and proposals, making you look smarter, classier, and more professional. With a lawyer on your arm, you arrive at every negotiation with everyone wanting a dance. Clients who used to abuse you, now value your work.

Successful businesses love their lawyers. Not because they are cheap, or because they tell them what they want to hear, but because great lawyers add a professional edge to matters that put amateurs out of business. When you take the time to find the right match, love means never having to say, “your honor.”

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