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The Latest Threat To Cloud Security

The Latest Threat to Data Security
One of the biggest concerns with storing information on the cloud is data security. In the past, companies only had to worry about theft by hackers. Today, savvy businesses are becoming aware of a new threat, to even the most secure cloud storage system. This new threat is the possibility that their cloud computing provider may be turning customer data over to the government without the customers’ knowledge.

No Cloud Is Safe
Just prior to its launch of Office 365, Microsoft has released a white paper that brings some transparency to the susceptibility of cloud computing data to prying government eyes. The white paper states that “Microsoft may need to disclose data without your prior consent, including as needed to satisfy legal requirements.” Although Microsoft is the company making the statement, your cloud data is at risk, regardless of your provider. Google, Amazon, and IBM are all required under the Patriot Act to allow the government to seize and/or snoop through your files.

But I Am A Good Guy
It doesn’t matter. The FBI has demonstrated in recent weeks that it does not separate the bad guys from the good guys when it comes to confiscating online data. If your data just happens to be stored on the same server as information sought by the FBI, or even if it isn’t, the FBI may seize your data, and go through it with a fine tooth comb. Any decision to store sensitive documents online should not only take into account the likelihood of attacks by hackers, but by the government as well.

Brett Trout

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