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Get Ready For the Real Time Web

The Next Big Thing
In the past, when you wanted to find out more about a topic you would search Google, go to an informational Web site like Wikipedia, or read a blog on the subject. But what if you wanted more information about something that just happened, or about something that is constantly changing? In the past, you would have to wait for a major news organization to gather information, compose an article and post it online. This could takes hours before you get the information you need. RealTimeWeb

What is the Real Time Web?
Like the World Wide Web itself, the Real Time Web is not something you can hold in your hand. It is not a Web site or a piece of software. It is a system, much like the World Wide Web, of search engines and instant messaging. The Real Time Web combines all of these systems together to provide nearly instantaneous access to information. What if there is an earthquake in Indonesia, a bombing in Iran or a tsunami heading toward California? Even if there was someone with a cellphone witnessing and transcribing an event as it unfolded, it is unlikely you would be able to access this information for hours. Now, services such as Twitter act as a repository for real-time messages, providing you instant access to the most current information around the world. Using powerful search engines you can sort and compile exactly the real time information you need.

Why Real Time Web
How you use the Real Time Web is up to you. It may be as simple as supplementing your internet browser, as shown in the screen shot, to provide Real Time Web information along with your standard search results. It may be to completely immerse your company in the most current information about your industry. The Real Time Web allows you to locate clients, answer questions about your business and build a loyal following. You can research competition, consumer trends, product feedback and upcoming demand. The Real Time Web drops you right in the middle of conversations customers are having about your company right now. Joining the conversation benefits both your company and your customers. The only question is: How long are you going to ignore the conversation? How long is your competition?

Brett Trout

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