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Des Moines Developer Hits Big Time with BNO iPhone App

For months, I have been following @BreakingNews on Twitter, staying up to date with all the latest news affecting our world. BNO News, Inc, the owner of Breaking News, currently delivers to over 1,000,000 readers world-wide. In my estimation, there has never been a faster, more accurate resource for breaking world-wide news coverage.iphone Until now. Working in conjunction with BNO, Des Moines, Iowa based BitMethod has just developed an iPhone application which pushes Breaking News updates directly to your iPhone. How often you receive updates depends upon whether you are on the free or 99 cents/month plan. The free plan provides up to one major update per day.

This new application allows you to customize your preferences to get the news important to you, without being buried in a sea of updates. Despite the lead developer on the project, Daniel Shipton, being a close, personal friend of mine, he has indicated I will not be privy to breaking news any faster than anyone else purchasing the application. Notwithstanding, I purchased the app from the iPhone App Store today. The application has already informed me of Baja earthquakes and Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s resignation from Apple’s Board of Directors due to possible conflicts of interest. The news junkie in me is loving every minute of it.

While not currently available for other mobile platforms, Breaking News is considering expanding its service into additional mobile markets over the next few weeks. If BlawgIT does not update frequently enough to assuage your breaking news additional, I strongly suggest you give this new locally-grown iPhone app a thorough test drive.

Brett Trout

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