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Single Mother Ordered to Pay RIAA $1.92M for File-Sharing 24 Songs

I have previously blogged about Jammie Thomas-Rasset. In 2007, a Minnesota jury awarded the RIAA a judgment against the 32 year old single mother of four, to the tune of $222,000.

When a federal jury heard her case in 2007, it hit Thomas-Rasset with a seemingly astronomical $222,000 judgment. After reviewing the case, the judge determined that the jury instructions were incorrect and ordered a new trial. As in the first trial, the RIAA was still not able to prove Ms. Thomas-Rasset actually shared music files with anyone other than the RIAA, or that she was actually the individual using her computer to upload the songs in question. police_escorting_girl

Notwithstanding, and much to Ms. Thomas-Rasset’s chagrin, the new jury awarded the RIAA $80,000 per song. Multiply this by 24 songs and you have a jaw-dropping $1.92M verdict. We await the threequel

Brett Trout

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