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More on Bilski and Business Method Patents

Since yesterday’s post on the future of business method patents, bloggers of all shapes and sizes have been waxing philosophic on the impact of the recent ruling in In re Bilski. Some of the more cogent commentaries from intellectual property lawyers can be found at IP Law & Business, PatentlyO, and The Patent Baristas.

For a more mainstream media take on the Bilski ruling, check out Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Techdirt, and Forbes.

There will certainly be lots more to come, but for right now, I am sticking to my guns. I predict that post-Bilski the term “Business Method Patent” will be reserved for accused infringers making pejorative jabs at “naked” business method patents. Business method patent protection will still exist, but only in conjunction with something tangible and/or the transformation of something tangible.

Brett Trout

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