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Impromptu Studio


Last evening, Des Moines entreprenuer Daniel Shipton revealed to me details of his latest venture. On August 4, 2008, Shipton premiers the next generation of shared, professional workspace in downtown Des Moines.  Shipton’s  Impromptu Studios leverages the advantages of  coworking found in most larger cities.

Impromptu Studio’s thrives on its shared space design. "It’s about community" says Shipton. Sharing space means lower costs for the coworkers and a more collaborative work environment. Tenants build relationships amongst themselves, as well as with clients.

Membership plans range from $125-$350/month depending upon the amenities. Packages may include furniture, 24×7 access (something I have always found critical), storage and/or conference rooms. Drop-in rates, as well as just about any custom plan you can think of, are also available.

The space has lots of free parking, high speed Internet access and printers. The space also includes the standard amenities you would expect from a typical office, without all of the headaches.

Impromptu Studio is also available for meetings and promotional events. The location, 300 SW 5th Ste 220, is a place I hold particularly dear to my heart, as it is the original location of Brett J. Trout, P.C. Impromptu Studio will begin welcoming visitors and coworkers August 4th from 8-5.

Be sure to stop by and say "Hi" to Dan. I can not make it on the 4th, as I will be out of town getting my neck reglued on my body, but I strongly recommend a visit to Impromptu Studio by anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit.


Brett Trout

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