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And the Winner is . . .

CyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal For Online Business

Despite his best efforts to put himself out of the running, Des Moines’ own Des Moines-renowned Rob Glazebrook, of the very informative CSSnewbie, has won a copy of CyberLaw. Rob tried to sneak in two extra "K" points for his last name and being from my hometown. The judges, however, disregarded his hijinks and awarded his comment only seven "K"s, a number which coincidentally brought him home the win (the contest winning number was selected by my beautiful fiancée, in homage to our 7/7/7 engagement date).

I will be sending of to @robbyg a copy of CyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal For Online Business, a book lauded by industry giants like Chris Pirillo, Dave Taylor and Dennis Crouch.  And if that is not enough, my own mother’s unabashed accolade of "I am sure it is very nice, but I do not know about that cover" should be enough, in and of itself , to give Rob warm fuzzies about his win.

Congratulations to Rob and to all of you grokmenters out there who actually "got" the contest and left such witty comments. You make this blog great!

 Brett Trout

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