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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CyberLaw

CyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal For Online Business
Well, almost everything. And now is your chance to get it for free. Just leave a comment to this post. Anything. Well, almost anything. Make sure it is something that would not offend Aunt Betty (and I am talking about Aunt Betty on your mom’s side, not dad’s crazy sister who photographs her cats all emo and submits the pics to LOLcats).

No purchase necessary. A single winner will be chosen based upon the comment having the number of occurrences of the letter “k” closest to, without going over, the secret number of k’s preselected by our mistress of ceremonies. In the event of a tie, the earlier entry shall be awarded the book. The prize is postage paid (assuming, of course that you live in the continental United States or certain parts of Bora Bora).

To be considered for the free book, we must receive your comment no later than April 10, 2008. We will announce the winner on April 11, 2008. For those who cannot wait, the book is available from Amazon, and for those interested in an unvarnished critique of this scintillating masterwork, feel free to check here, here, here, here, here, here, here and possibly here. But not here (no, never there).

Brett Trout

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