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Easter Patents

In an apparent attempt to corner the market on the upcoming Easter festivities, several inventors have successfully patented their own little corner of the holiday. I never realized Easter veneration was such big business that people apparently feel the need to enlist the government’s help in defending their Jesus kitsch against devilish infringers.

Dolls formed in the likeness of the Lord Jesus with a movable head and extremities.

Patent Number 5456625
jesus1.pngThe doll is provided with electrically conductive nails which when inserted through apertures in the hands of the doll, mount the doll to a provided cross and close an electrical circuit which illuminates the cross. I am just curious to know at what point this sounded like a good idea.

Musical religious doll and singing bible nightlight

US Patent Number 5957747
jesus2.pngA doll in the likeness of The Lord Jesus clothed in a white silky robe, with a red silky sash and brown leather-like sandals. A heart shaped locket is attached to the chest of the doll at a point which approximates the location of the doll’s heart. The user may add and remove things from the heart shaped locket. Just what does one fill Jesus’ heart with?

Doll having internal religious image

US Patent Number 6371825
jesus3.png A doll includes an internal religious image such as an image of Jesus Christ to convey to children the idea that God or Jesus Christ exists inside all children. The religious image is preferably a hologram. The image is located in the chest portion of the doll. I am the first to recommend teaching toys for children. I suggest, however, weighing the anticipated educational benefits against the likelihood the toy just might emotionally scar the child for life.

Tomb basket
US Patent Number 6021900
jesus5.png A repository device, useful as a collection container, a religious instructional tool and a religious decorative item is disclosed. The repository device consists of a completely enclosed, ovoid-shaped basket having a conventional handle and having a moveable side entry closure in the top portion of the basket. The entry closure is designed to assimilate an ancient tombstone used in ancient times to seal burial tombs. A burial tomb Easter basket? Now what kid would not be beside himself with excitement opening up something like that on Easter?

Let me know if you find anymore!

Brett Trout

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