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Cyberlawyer gang-heckled into submission

CyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal For Online BusinessThe Baltimore Sun has just published a great article by Trisha Bishop on the folly of riling cyberlawyers. The article details the trials and tribulations of “technology” attorney Eric Menhart’s attempts to trademark the word “cyberlaw.” Several bloggers, including BlawgIT, derided Mr. Menhart when he attempted to obtain a federal trademark on the term and remove it from the public domain.

Eric Goldman, of the Technology & Marketing Blog aptly described the online backlash against Mr. Menhart as a gang-tackle. Menhart has apparently learned his lesson. According to Goldman, Menhart has amended the still pending federal trademark application to a much more innocuous design mark application. More importantly, Menhart has amended the application to disclaim any rights in the term “cyberlaw” apart from the not likely to be copied design.

Hats off to all you gang-hecklers out there. Job well done!

Brett Trout

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