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A Particularly Inventive Blawg Review

Stephen Nipper of The Invent Blog chose February 11, 2008, National Inventor’s Day and birthday of Thomas Alva Edison, to host this week’s Blawg Review #146. Like all of Stephen’s posts, his Blawg Review is concise and well-written. Best of all, and not surprisingly, his Blawg Review leans a little toward the inventive, highlighting blog posts on patent attorneys, the much maligned proposed patent reform and the Patent Office’s proposal to have patent attorneys do their own preliminary examinations (don’t worry, it will only add another $26,000 onto your bill).

From Bobby Knight to BrideZilla, this week’s Blawg Review has something for everyone. And don’t forget new week, when Iowa’s very own Rush On Business will be hosting. Be sure to visit, but be gentle. It is his first time.

Brett Trout

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