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The Patent Meme

When I first started writing my patent law blog in 2003, there were maybe only one or two other blogs writing about patents. I know, it sounds crazy. Patent attorneys are the epitome of sex appeal. There had to thousands of bloggers fawning over patents and the like. I still have not figured it out. Thankfully, five years and five hundred posts later, hundreds of blogs are covering patents and various patent related issues. Many have come, many have gone. There are lots of blogrolls out there, but almost all include non-patent related blogs or patent blogs which have not been updated for months. So thinking the same thing you are obviously thinking, “If only I could have a link to all the important patent law blogs in one place” I started compiling a list of patent law blogs. Admittedly, I do not get out much. Well, fellow fans of all things Josh Weaton, the list is complete. What follows is my definitive patent meme. Definitive, of course until you kindly instruct me in colorful explicatives that no such list can possibly be complete sans your flatulence odor control patents blog. If I missed your favorite patent blog, or you would like to complain about one I included, feel free to leave a pithy comment. And now, without further ado, the p-meme:

Anticipate This

Anything Under the Sun

Benefit of Hindsight


Chicago IP Litigation Blog

Daily Dose of IP

Delaware IP Law Blog


The Fire of Genius

Green Patent Blog

I/P Updates

The Invent Blog


IP Down Under

IP Newsflash

IP Thinktank Blog





Just a Patent Examiner

Maryland Intellectual Property Law Blog

Orange Book Blog

Patent Arcade

Patent Baristas

Patent Blurb

Patent Circle

Patent Docs

Patent Infringement Updates

Patent Librarian’s Notebook

Patent Pensées

Patent Prospector

Patent Troll Tracker

Patentably Academic

Patentably Defined


Peer to Patent



Practicing Law Institute

Promote the Progress Securing Innovation


Washington State Patent Law Blog

271 Patent Blog

Let me know what you think! Brett Trout

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