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Your Toilet Might Save Your Life

Although I assume some people would rather be burned alive rather than use it, William Holmes has invented a low cost breathing apparatus for use in case of fire. If you find yourself trapped in a burning building, or just jonesing for a hit of jenkem, you merely have to slip Mr. Holmes’ tube down your commode and start breathing.

Mr. Holmes notes that even though you might breathe in a small amount of sewer gas, this is a small inconvenience in comparison with saving your life. I guess that would be in the nose of the behoser. I would also suppose it might be more than a little dependent upon the type of structure in which the toilet is located. I just do not see a big call for these novel hoses in frat houses or truck stops – at least not for use in case of fire.

If you run across any more wacky patents, be sure to let me know. Thanks to since 1968 for the pic and original post.

Brett Trout

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