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Blawg Review Nominations

What is a Blawg Review?
Every week the editor of Blawg Review selects one blogger “host” to cull thorough all of the week’s law blog shark jawing. The host then selects the most interesting posts and, hopefully, links to them, in an entertaining format, from their own law blog.

The Best of the Best
This year, I was given the honor of hosting Blawg Review #106, which equated the weeks best posts with the various challenges offered by Scotland’s Donington Park race track. Now, with 2007 drawing to a close, the ninjaesque Blawg Review editor has asked past and future Blawg Review hosts to select the best Blawg Review post of 2007.

My Picks
While I may not be the best blogger suited for the challenge, I fancy myself a rather fair judge of my own predilections. Using that unique skill set as my guide, here are my nominations for the Best Blawg Reviews of 2007:

#137 Infamy or Praise by Colin Samuels. Boo Colin. He’s just too good. It’s like he’s playing soccer against a team of legless schnauzers. His Paradiso-inspired Blawg Review is a shoe in for Blawg Review of the year (making it three years in a row). Thank God Dante’s Divine Comedy only has tree canticas.

#134 New York Personal Injury Law Blog by Eric Turkewitz covered the New York City Marathon, even including an homage to the world’s longest urinal. I took the reference as subtle metaphorical derision directed toward the loquaciousness underlying the epistemology of what the new millennial blawgosphere has become. That, and I just think pee is funny.

#102 Declarations and Exclusions by George Wallace relied on illustrations from Stultifera Navis, the 1497 Latin translation of Sebastian Brant’s 1494 satirical German text, Das Narrenschiff (The Ship of Fools) for his inspiration. I always appreciate a Blawg Review that reminds me I need to start reading something other than Watchman graphic novels.

#109 The Greatest American Lawyer is apparently written by a special agent for MI6. Admittedly, I ran across this Blawg Review through a Google vanity search, but was intrigued to find out how many other great legal blawg-like things there are out there.

#127 Deliberations by Anne Reed tried to trick me into learning about voir dire AND the best blog posts of the week AT THE SAME TIME. Nice try Anne, but I am a man. As such, I have absolutely no ability to multi-task my focus. I did however, read it twice, and enjoyed it both times.

#123 Texas Appellate Law Blog by D. Todd Smith kicks off the Supreme Court brief post with all of the hottest Patent, Trademark and Copyright posts. How can you not love that?

#129 HealthBlawg by David Harlow navigates the weekly legalese using Columbus’ compass. Any Blawg Review that equates blawging with “serpent infested waters” is more than okay in my book.

Be sure to check out all of these great posts. Who knows, they might even inspire you to write one of your own next year!

Brett Trout

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