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Get a New Online Strategy

Andy Brudtkuhl, of Get a New Browser, just posted an invaluable guide on budgeting your web strategy. I recommend the guide to new and existing businesses alike. Anyone looking to expand their online presence would be well served by Andy’s take on information collected from experts in diverse fields of online business.

The post details cost estimates relating to everything you need to grow your online business. From Hosting, to Search Engine Optimization to Legal considerations, Andy lays it all out in easy to digest morsels. Having everything in one place like this makes it easy to divvy up those precious resources devoted to online exposure. Once your your venture takes off, you can always go back to the post again and hit the bells and whistles you did not have the cash for the first time around.

Otherwise, you can just sit and wait for more fairy dust to accumulate. Of course that strategy is going to require keeping my number close at hand.

Brett Trout

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