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New CyberLaw Book

Cyberlaw CoverCyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal For Online Business has just hit (virtual) store shelves this week. The outstanding original cover art, by renowned Des Moines artist Ron Wagner, tells you right away this is not your grandpa’s lawyer’s Internet law book. Well that, and the fact that $500/hr phrases like habeas corpus and res judicata are conspicuously absent from its pages.

Written clearly, in easy to understand language, CyberLaw spells out the most common online legal problems and solutions. From blogging to emailing, Cyberlaw guides you through the rapidly expanding maze of Internet law and regulation. A comprehensive guide to avoid online legal troubles that could bring your business to a grinding halt, Cyberlaw is a “crucial asset for online businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Whether you read it cover to cover (thanks Mom), use it as a handy desk reference, or your Ambien isn’t quite working like it used to, an ounce of CyberLaw prevention can avoid pounds of cure. As the Internet legal landscape changes, so must you. Don’t venture into the Internet jungle without CyberLaw at your side.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, I wrote it . . . but don’t hold that against it.

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