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Technology Attorneys Are So HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!

All those swirlies have finally paid off. With the new electronic discovery rules, every lawsuit needs a technology attorney, but there are only so many to go around. New rules, and a new way of litigating cases has turned these 98 pound weaklings into Charles Atlas overnight (Yes, I realize that line is at the same time too fresh and too old to appeal to anyone).

According to the Technology Counsel Blog, technology attorneys are becoming “more popular than a water fountain in the Sahara.” Even technology/law guru Dennis Kennedy is feeling the fervor when he notes “I now am feeling that the arrival of these types of roles in which a premium is placed on being able to understand, work, and be comfortable in the intersection of law and technology is closer that I had been thinking.”

If you do not have access to technology counsel in litigation, the next 18 months are going to be a wake-up call. Unfortunately, by the time you realize you do need a date to the big dance, it will be too late. Stop the swirlies, towel off the nearest technology counsel and start developing the relationship you will sooner, rather than later, not be able to live without.

Brett Trout

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