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7-7-7 My Lucky Day

I got engaged last Saturday. Since my lovely bride-to-be just took over Valerie Plame’s old job, I cannot tell you her name (. . . perhaps if I knew Dick Cheney a little better). Those of you who know me, know her . . . and probably feel badly that you did not warn her sooner.

The surprise went off flawlessly, with champagne, chocolate, roses, candles, frogs, bended knee and ring. Oh, and the most important part, a “Yes”. The wonder of the evening was due in no small part to a committed group of folks, bent on saving me from myself. Thanks to:

Grif & Lindy
Jim & Cathy (for having such a cute kid)
and Brad at Josephs for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping me find the absolute perfect ring.

Thanks to all of you for your part in the perfect proposal. But be sure when conveying your regrets to my lovely fiancée, that you keep up the ruse that I pulled off the entire proposal single-handedly. Remember, you helped convince her to spend the next fifty years with me, and she knows where you all live.

Brett Trout

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