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Funniest Law Blog in the World

Nicole Black of Legal Antics has made it official. BlawgIT is not the Funniest Blawg in the World (at least not in the funny “ha ha” sense). That revered honor goes to Phila Lawyer. Anointing myself arbiter of all things funny, I popped over to Phila Lawyer to cast my disdain on what I was sure would NOT be funny. Much to my chagrin, a quote from Super Troopers hits me square in the melon.

[Enter Trooper Farva, carrying a tray of coffees for his fellow troopers, Rookie Trooper “Rabbit’s” containing a large, visible bar of soap]

Rabbit: [dryly] Oh, look, a bar of soap.
Farva: Oh, shit, I got you good, you fucker!
Trooper Mac: *Awesome* prank, Farva.

– Super Troopers (2001)

I doff my chapeau to both Ms. Black and Mr. Blachman and humbly bow my head. You have renewed my faith in lawyerkind. Well done.

Brett Trout

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