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IgniteIT Tomorrow in Ames

Thanks to everyone who voted for my IgniteIT talk. Turns out I have been given the completely no pressure slot immediately following Guy Kawasaki. If you are interested in seeing either of us speak for five minutes, or if you want to stay and see me try my hand at PowerPoint Karaoke be sure to sign up. BTW/PowerPoint Karaoke is not what you think . . . it is actually probably much geekier than you think. But, it should be fun and there will be free libations. A drunk patent attorney giving a PowerPoint presentation he has never seen before. Heck, you might even want to bring a date.

Here is the schedule.

7pm : Eat and Drink
An open bar and plenty of snack food (that is worth sitting through my talk right there).
8pm : Communicate I
A series of rapid-fire 5-minute presentations on all things tech in a casual atmosphere.
8:30pm : Connect
We’ll have a good break to provide a chance to meet and talk with people in Iowa’s IT community. Sponsors will have tables of stuff to check out and people to meet.
9:00pm : Communicate II
A second series of rapid-fire 5-minute presentations.
9:30pm : Connect
Another chance to get network the WoW cheat codes out of your neighbor.
10:00pm : Door Prizes
If you don’t know what a door prize is, check Wikipedia.
10:15pm (or thereabouts) : Laugh
PowerPoint Karaoke. Presenters ad-lib a short talk around randomly selected PowerPoint slides drawn from the web. It’s either laugh-out loud funny or horribly tragic. Come share the schadenfreude.
11pm (or thereabouts) : Everyone heads back to Rush’s mom’s basement for Budweiser and an LAN party (just tell her I said it was okay).

Brett Trout

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