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Top 10 Ways to Commit Malpractice with Your Blog

Kevin O’Keefe has been closely following the issue of legal malpractice coverage for blawgs. In his most recent post, Kevin lays out some blawging don’ts:

1. Puffing on your blawg.
2. Establishing an attorney/client relationship on your blog.
3. Failing to use the same precautions you use for email, fax and phone.
4. Going into the specific facts of a case with a commenter.
5. Not displaying a disclaimer that you are not offering legal advice.

In addition, I would add the following don’ts:

6. Discussing client information.
7. Discussing any cases your firm currently has pending.
8. Posting or responding to comments by an opposing party or presiding judge.
9. Affiliating your firm with personal blogs of firm staff or lawyers.
10. Failing to comport with the advertising laws of your state.

Thanks to Matt Krigbaum for referring me the latest on this story.

Brett Trout

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