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Don’t Miss IgniteIT

If you can make it to Ames, Iowa Thursday night, April 26th you are in for a treat. Iowa State University is hosting Emerging Technologies Conference ’07. The Conference runs for three days. Friday April 27 is Industry Innovation Day with the inimitable Guy Kawasaki offering the Keynote.

But there is a way to see Guy Kawasaki before his keynote. In addition to his keynote address, Guy will present a short introduction to the IgniteIT event the night before. The IgniteIT meet and greet starts Thursday April 26 at 7p.m., with the program starting at 8p.m. The IgniteIT format involves a series of speakers each presenting a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation selected by the attendees. My proposed talk covers the Top Ten Legal Oversights That Can Shut Down Your Website.

Out of the hundred plus talks I have given, the “oversights” talk has been one of the most informative, universally applicable and well received. In fact, it has been so well received, I included it as a chapter in my book, Internet Laws Affecting Your Company and will be including the updated version I will be presenting at IgniteIT (assuming you votefor me), as a chapter in my new book coming out this Fall. Andy Brudtkuhl, the brainchild behind Central Iowa Bloggers has also submitted a talk covering Web Three Dot Oh. If you would like to hear either of these talks, be sure to register (it’s free) and vote.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see Guy Kawasaki and pick the brains of your fellow Central Iowa bloggers. Register, submit your own talk, vote for the talks you want to hear, add fellow attendees to your online “want to meet” list and get ready for a tech night out. Plus, with free admission, it is guaranteed to be more fun than a clown on fire or double your money back.

See you there!

Brett Trout

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