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Brett Trout on Iowa Business Hour 98.3FM

Join me next Wednesday on 98.3 WOW FM where I will be the featured guest on the Iowa Business Hour with host Jim Goodman. What more romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day than snuggled up by the fire with that special someone, listening to your favorite Des Moines patent lawyer wax philosophic on the wonders of Internet legal issues (excuse me while I grab a tissue).

The Iowa Business Hour focuses on the 4 M’s of successful business, namely: Money, Management, Marketing and Model. Host Jim Goodman is President of Emerging Growth Group (EGG), an investor-backed for-profit Des Moines area business development company.

Jim and I will be happy to take call-in questions from both you and your sweetie, but I cannot take responsibility if things get out of hand.

Brett Trout

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