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Blawg IT Voted Sixth Best Law Blog in the World!

The 2006 Weblog AwardsThanks to ALL of my readers for voting Blawg IT the sixth best law blog in the world! Congratulations to The Volokh Conspiracy for winning the competition.

Although I want to thank everyone who voted, I would especially like to thank the following people who went above and beyond the call of duty in corralling votes:

Christine Branstad
Martha Boesen
Sandy Renshaw of Purple Wren
Matt Krigbaum of Moyer and Bergman
Josh Sorrell of EGA Architects
Professor Tung Yin of The Yin Blog
Abra Pulley of Pulley Chiropractic
Nate Olson
Randy Norian
Kyle Torke
Jeff Yokiel
Craig Drotzmann
Jennifer Trout
Jack Fitzsimmons
Pat and Susan Trout
Lindy Fitzsimmons

Thank you to everyone who voted; see you next year!

Brett Trout


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