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The Gospel of Blawg

Des Moines Business Record writer Jason Hancock has just authored a new article for the Business record entitled, The gospel of blawging. As you may remember, Mr. Hancock is also the author of last week’s breaking story on Microsoft eliminating a legal damage theory by which Iowa class-action plaintiffs had hoped to collect damages associated with the loss of the “benefits of software innovation.”

The new article on lawyer blogging, or blawging as it is sometimes called, highlights the benefits of blawging to both lawyers and clients. Citing a Harris Interactive poll, the article notes that more Americans use search engines to find a lawyer than any other method. Blawging helps attorneys rank higher in Google, making it easier for clients to find them. Incorporating quotes from your humble blog writing patent attorney, the article lauds the ability of blawgs to demonstrate a firm’s expertise, while giving potential clients a sense the lawyer’s personality.

I would like also like to thank Mr. Hancock for the kind words about the Lawpportunities Yblawg seminar coming up this Friday in Des Moines. Do not be discouraged if you are currently blogging. Although nearly 40% of large law firms are blogging nationwide, almost no Iowa firms, other than Sullivan and Ward and my firm, Brett J. Trout P.C., have capitalized on this fantastic opportunity. If you have not signed up yet, it is not too late. The fact that almost no Iowa lawyers are currently blogging, makes blogging all that more valuable to you and your clients.

If you want find out how to make it easier for potential clients to find you in markets they are searching, sign up for Yblawg today.

Brett Trout

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