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Recycling + Fashion = Novel Purses

Just in time for holiday shopping. Des Moines area (Indianola actually) lawyer Katie Byers has invented the perfect solution to your gift-giving dilemma. Whether you are shopping for a corporate lawyer, in-house lawyer, or even a patent lawyer, Novel Purses fits the bill. Last week I judged mock trial with Ms. Byers, where my alma mater beat out dozens of other teams to advance to state. I noticed her unique purse right away. Although I rarely notice women’s purses, the patent lawyer side of me could not help but stare (yikes, am I that nerdy).

Describing herself as a recovering lawyer turned stay-at-home mom, Ms. Byers told me that she has started a business converting old case law reporters into new purses. She also recycles medical texts, cook books, tax codes, or any other book you may want. In addition to being the perfect gift for the lawyer, doctor, nurse, chef, accountant, teacher, or librarian in your family, Novel Purses helps keep old books and fabric remnants out of our landfills.

Due to the unique nature of Ms. Byers’ Novel Purses, the supply is obviously limited. If you would like to have one by Christmas, better get on the stick and order soon. You can then sit back and enjoy accolades from the recipient of your gift and the satisfaction that you are helping make the world a “cleaner, greener, prettier place–one purse at a time.”

Brett Trout

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