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Did I just buy a bootleg DVD?

Can you tell if your DVD is a bootleg just from the case? Sometimes. Here are some clues that your DVD may be an illegal bootleg:

1) Is the cover art different than retail version?
Most popular legitimate DVDs have several versions of the cover art. If the cover art is different than the copy at your local store, however, you should investigate the reason.

2) Is the cover art blurry?
Most legitimate DVDs have crisp cover art. Bootlegs often have blurry, low quality photocopied cover art.

3) Does the cover state “Region 0” or “dvd9” or “dts”?
While most legitimate DVDs are dvd9, many utilize dts and a handful are Region 0, few, if any state as much on the cover.

4) Are there misspelled words on the cover?
Misspellings are very rare on legitimate DVDs.

5) Is there an insert?
As some legitimate DVDs do not come with an insert, check to be sure the legitimate version of the DVD you are interested in comes with a DVD.

6) Does the cover list an MPAA rating?
Unless the DVD specifically notes it is an “unrated” version, the legitimate version will likely contain an MPAA rating.

7) Does the cover plastic has a translucent repeating star design?
A repeating, ten-pointed, one-inch diameter translucent star design is indicative of a bootleg DVD. Beware of any cover plastic different from the version available in the local store.

8) Is the case noticeably thinner than standard case?
Bootleggers often use cheap cases which are noticeably thinner than standard “clamshell” cases.

9) Are there Asian characters on cover?
Unless there is a specific reason for the Asian characters to be there, the DVD is likely a bootleg.

10) Does the cover state the DVD has Asian subtitles?
Unless the legitimate version has Asian subtitles, the DVD is likely a bootleg.

Brett Trout

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