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Blawg IT now in SLOB Hall of Fame

Bizhack’s John Koetsier has announced Blawg IT is one of the two latest inductees into the SLOB Hall of Fame. This “world-famous and highly-coveted” induction stands for:

1. Startling
You have something unique to say.
2. Loquacious
You say it frequently.
3. Outstanding
You say it really, really well.
4. Blogger
Umm … yes … you have to be a blogger.

One of the things John found that makes Blawg IT stand out from the crowd is how Blawg achieves great search engine results without having to resort to paid placement. Other SLOB Hall of Fame Bloggers include:

* Seth Godin’s Blog
* Duct Tape Marketing
* Rough Type
* Signum Sine Tinnitu
* WeBreakStuff
* Horse Pig Cow
* Get Rich Slowly
* Publishing 2.0

I am humbled by the induction into this very small, very talented group of bloggers. I will humbly and proudly strive to continue to live up to the accolade. Thanks again John!

Brett Trout

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