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Be the First Blog on Your Block with a Trademark

You have a great name for your blog, you have dozens of posts, your readership is growing by the day, your Google rank is climbing, then it all comes crashing down. Now, a competing blog using the same name ranks higher in Google, your readership dwindles and you have no recourse. What can you do? Well, if you had gotten a federal trademark registration on your domain name, you could simply write a cease and desist letter. With a federal trademark registration backing them up, cease and desist letters typically work wonders. Without a federal trademark registration, the cease and desist letters typically get thrown away.

Another advantage of federal trademark registration is that it serves as constructive nationwide notice of your trademark rights. You will not have the problem of someone else getting a federal registration on your name and then suing YOU over the name. The number of trademark registrations on blog names is increasing at an incredible rate. Do not miss your opportunity to protect your baby.

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