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Judge Deals SCO a Huge Blow in Linux Lawsuit

Magistrate Brooke Wells of the US District Court Central Division, District of Utah, has just dealt a humiliating blow to SCO’s $5 billion Dollar lawsuit against IBM. Judge Wells dismissed 182 of the 294 claims in SCO’s software misappropriation lawsuit. From the ruling, it appears the judge is fed up with SCO hiding the ball in terms of what particular code SCO claims has found its way into the Linux operating system through IBM’s alleged intellectual property misappropriation. Judge Wells likened SCO to a security guard telling a shoplifter to point out in the store catalog everything the shoplifter has taken. The Judge went on to note that even if SCO could prove that some code had been misappropriated, if the code was no longer in the Linux operating system, “damages may become nominal instead of in the billions.”

Brett Trout

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