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Bootleg DVDs

What do you do when you buy DVD off eBay and it turns out to be an illegal copy? Well, what you do not do is resell it on eBay. I had a case where an individual did just that and found himself in the middle of a federal copyright infringement lawsuit 1000 miles from his home. He offered to pay $1000 to make the case go away, but the plaintiff refused. A $5.99 purchase on eBay turned into a nightmare costing over $5000.00.

If you receive an illegal bootleg disc, contact the seller to question why they sent you an illegal DVD. Sometimes the DVD is legitimate, but the original packaging was destroyed. If the seller refuses to provide a responsible justification for the appearance of the DVD, report the illegal activity to the Motion Picture Association of America.

In the future, watch out for new sellers, with low or negative feedback. Also, avoid DVDs that appear from the picture, or description to have Asian writing on the package. And most of all, never ever resell an illegal DVD online or anywhere. Feigning ignorance will not make a federal lawsuit go away.

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