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Internet Laws Affecting Your Company

As an intellectual property attorney, I have worked with clients on all aspects of Internet related issues. From terms of use policies to software contracts to lawsuits one theme is common among all Internet related legal issues: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Being cash poor, many small businesses avoid putting their legal affairs in order until a problem arises. Unfortunately, by that time it is often too late.

Fortunately, many of the issues affecting companies seeking to expand on the Internet are universal and can often be easily and inexpensively handled if addressed quickly enough. In advising individuals and small companies, I have found that identifying the issue is half the battle.
My book, Internet Laws Affecting Your Company address the most common legal issues small companies face on line. While it is no substitute for the advice of an attorney, Internet Laws Affecting Your Company can help guide you through the maze of most common online legal problems. Whether it is a security issue or a problem with a website developer, “Internet Laws Affecting Your Company” gives you the tools to keep your business on firm legal footing and out of the courtroom.

Each chapter highlights a specific legal issue using a simple, easy to read approach. Chapters highlight common problems facing your company, and provide quick and simple solutions to keep you out of harm’s way. Written in clear, easy to understand language, Internet Laws Affecting Your Company serves as a handy desk reference on how various laws impact your everyday business activities on the Internet. In many cases, a quick glance at this invaluable reference will prevent your company from becoming another one of the thousands of Internet casualties.

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